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“A 12 Year Prison Sentence, Overdosing on Fentanyl, Recovery & Fatherhood” ft. Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff

“A 12 Year Prison Sentence, Overdosing on Fentanyl, Recovery & Fatherhood” ft. Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff

“Discover the Inspiring Journey of Peter ‘Chappy’ Meyerhoff: From Addiction to Redemption”

On Episode 151 of the “Hell Has an Exit” podcast, host Bryan Alzate sits down with Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff,  best-selling author, motivational speaker, podcast host, loving husband, and devoted father.


Chappy’s life took an unexpected turn when he was falsely accused of a crime during his high school years, leading him to drop out of school and fall in with a troubled crowd. His seemingly idyllic upbringing was abruptly disrupted, setting in motion a series of events that would shape the course of his life.


As a teenager, Chappy became ensnared in the grip of addiction, spiraling into a world of chaos that involved car thefts, house robberies, and, ultimately, a 12-year prison sentence. Behind bars, he navigated terrain of prison politics, emerging as a formidable figure in the system. His life was marred by violence and drug abuse, culminating in a harrowing 11 months spent in solitary confinement.


However, upon his release, Chappy made a life-altering decision to channel his pain into a relentless pursuit of success. He emerged from the shadows of his past and began to transform his life. He is dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction, transform their lives, and reduce the recidivism rate by demonstrating the incredible possibilities that await when one possesses unwavering determination and refuses to make excuses.


Join us in Episode 151 as we delve into Chappy’s gripping narrative, a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of resilience. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness a story of redemption, transformation, and boundless potential.

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Hell Has an Exit Podcast is a display of resilience of the human spirit. Our host Bryan Alzate was addicted at the age of 14. Lost and suicidal he found his own exit in hell by getting clean at 17 and involvement in a 12 step program. Since then Bryan has dedicated much of his life helping other addicts find the Exit. On this show Bryan interviews individuals who have fought similar battles- emotionally raw, vulnerable and uncut.