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“Giving My Addiction the time, Attention & Respect it Deserves.” ft. Brandon Novak

“Giving My Addiction the time, Attention & Respect it Deserves.” ft. Brandon Novak

“From Skateboard Prodigy to Addiction Survivor: Brandon Novak’s Inspiring Path to Redemption”

Join Bryan Alzate on the latest episode of “Hell Has an Exit” as he sits down with Brandon Novak. From a prodigious start in skateboarding, where he was discovered by legends Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek when he was just a teenager, to becoming the world’s first skateboarder sponsored by Gatorade at the age of 14.


He soon toured the country on the Powell-Peralta team, landing endorsement deals with Gatorade, and even starring in commercials with Michael Jordan at the young age of 15. Beyond skateboarding professionally, Novak ventured into the world of movies and television, making memorable appearances in several of the Jackass movies, Viva la Bam, the CKY series, Bam’s Unholy Union, and more.


But alongside his glittering career, Novak faced a deeply personal battle with addiction that threatened to overshadow his achievements. His struggles with substance abuse led him down a dark path, marked by rehab stints, brushes with the law, and moments of despair. Yet, against all odds, Novak found the strength to confront his demons and achieve sobriety in 2015.


Brandon is not only a survivor but also an advocate for others fighting similar battles. He authored the bestselling book, Dreamseller: An Addiction Memoir, where he candidly shares his journey through addiction and recovery, inspiring countless others along the way.


Recognizing the need for comprehensive addiction treatment, Novak has now established his own addiction treatment center, providing individuals with the support and resources they need to overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.


Brandon’s dedication to helping others has not gone unnoticed. He was recently recognized by the DEA’s 360 Strategy Program for his tireless efforts in battling the opioid epidemic in America. Through his work as a Certified Intervention Professional and motivational speaker, Novak continues to spread awareness and offer support to those in need.

Tune in to “Hell Has an Exit” as Bryan Alzate and Brandon Novak delve into the highs and lows of a life lived on the edge, proving that even from the depths of hell, there’s always a way out.


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Hell Has an Exit Podcast is a display of resilience of the human spirit. Our host Bryan Alzate was addicted at the age of 14. Lost and suicidal he found his own exit in hell by getting clean at 17 and involvement in a 12 step program. Since then Bryan has dedicated much of his life helping other addicts find the Exit. On this show Bryan interviews individuals who have fought similar battles- emotionally raw, vulnerable and uncut.