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Brandon Novak

Brandon Novak is a multifaceted individual whose life story encapsulates triumph over adversity. Born on December 10, 1978, Novak began his journey in the world of skateboarding at the age of 7. His exceptional talent caught the attention of skateboarding legends Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek, propelling him into the spotlight at a remarkably young age.

By 14, Novak had already etched his name in skateboarding history as the world’s first skateboarder sponsored by Gatorade. His skills took him across the country as a member of the Powell-Peralta team, and he even appeared in commercials alongside basketball icon Michael Jordan.

Beyond his achievements in skateboarding, Novak’s charismatic persona led him to a career in entertainment. He made notable appearances in the Jackass movies, Viva la Bam, the CKY series, and more, showcasing his versatility and magnetism on screen.

However, amidst his success, Novak battled with addiction, a struggle that threatened to overshadow his accomplishments. Despite facing numerous setbacks, including rehab stints and brushes with the law, Novak found the strength to confront his demons and achieve sobriety in 2015.

His journey to recovery inspired him to become an advocate for others fighting similar battles. Novak authored the bestselling book, “Dreamseller: An Addiction Memoir,” offering a raw and unfiltered account of his experiences with addiction and recovery.

In recognition of his efforts in combating the opioid epidemic, Novak was honored by the DEA’s 360 Strategy Program. His dedication to helping others led him to establish his own addiction treatment center, providing individuals with the support and resources they need to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

Today, Novak continues to inspire audiences as a motivational speaker and Certified Intervention Professional, sharing his story of resilience and redemption. Through his work, he aims to spread awareness, offer support, and instill hope in those facing similar challenges.

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